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Our Products

Avanti offers a reliable source of both polypropylene laminates and polyethylene nonwoven fabrics to support numerous markets in North America.

Our continuous innovation and undisputed commitment to high quality enables us to deliver precisely designed fabrics at very competitive prices.

Our capabilities include:

  • Nonwovens with Isotropic Properties, MD/CD ratios approaching 1:1, Producing high Mullen burst strength and tear resistance, great for filtration and diaper ear attachment.
  • Controlled range of filament denier produces a full range for permeability.
  • Expert color matching, color stabilizers, UV hydrophilic and anti-static treatments.
  • Softness and high UV resistance in spun bonded polyethylene fabrics.
  • In-line slitting and converting capabilities including large diameters to small diameter finished rolls.
Avanti, your partner in nonwovens and coatings
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